A hedge fund<br>that actually<br>hedges.
A hedge fund<br>that actually<br>hedges.
A hedge fund<br>that actually<br>hedges.
A hedge fund<br>that actually<br>hedges.
A hedge fund<br>that actually<br>hedges.

A hedge fund
that actually

Let your money work for you in a fund based on DeanTrader's swing algorithmic principles to get the compounding going.

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Why Swing Fund?

Investing and leaving the market before major crashes occur is hard, trading on medium time-frames is even harder, and keeping up with the markets on a daily basis is almost impossible for most people. Luckily the Swing Fund by DeanTrader solves these issues with a sophisticated swing trading suite fully managed by Dean – you don’t have to do anything while your money works for you!

Compound profits via the Swing Fund.

The fund runs on DeanTrader’s swing algorithms supported by some proprietary models for additional trades at cycle turning points, enhancing profits.

High yields & low risk, with zero knowledge or effort needed.

Dean is doing everything for you: monitoring the markets, his algorithms & models, and executing trades, in short: working on your financial freedom – you just provide the funds.

Swing Fund is an actual hedge fund, not just by name.

In contrast to other “bullrun genius” funds that come crashing down in bear markets, we cultivate an environment of hedging and shorting as a natural part of our plan.

Recap: Swing Trading with Algos

We employ an algorithm that swing trades on mid- to longer-term timeframes, thus reducing losses due to market noise while participating in sustained trends in both directions. This results in potentially strong compounding. Our fund asset of choice is Ethereum (ETH) as it offers very algo-friendly price action as well as high volatility that can be harnessed for our purposes.

Swing Fund as a Part of a Balanced Portfolio

For an investor it is important to diversify assets and therefore risk in the market. While many people just hold their risk-on assets (e.g. cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, or commodities), it is wise to allocate some portion of a portfolio to non-market following endeavours that can also keep or generate profits in crashing markets (e.g. cash, manual trading incl. shorting, or hedge funds).

The Swing Fund is part of the latter market participation type and can be a welcomed addition to every balanced portfolio, while still offering the possibility of exposure to typical cryptocurrency runs.


Swing Fund Features:

Aside from the convenience & portfolio balancing effects a fund brings, and our inherent advanced swing algo system, the following is part of the DeanTrader experience:

Highest Security Standards

The Swing Fund fulfills the regulatory compliance within the EU. In addition the fund is supervised by certified compliance officers from Germany with deep knowledge in the realms of EU law, AML, KYC, escrow and cryptocurrencies.

Competitive Fee Schedule

No deposit fee, so you can start right away. The Fund offers lucrative fees (maintenance, incentive, withdrawal) that are below industry standards. You can find the fee schedule in our Fund Brochure below.

Reports & Updates

We also offer a market letter as well as a private Telegram group exclusively for fund members to receive updates. Of course as we value the privacy of our fund members, there is no need to join any channels.

In Total: A Solid Package

DeanTrader's Swing Fund offers participants the possibility to effortlessly capture significant gains over the course of several years while keeping risk comparatively low. Regular letters and community features complete the experience.

Swing Fund Brochure

Read up on all key information and hard facts about the fund in our Swing Fund Info Brochure.

Get an overview of the general features, fee schedule, redemption periods, member requirements, and more in the Swing Fund Info Brochure PDF.

Join the Whitelist

The Swing Fund is free to join (after successful application), so that you can directly start with your journey once the fund launches. Just make sure to register for the whitelist (including a whitelist newsletter) below.

Apply for the swing fund whitelist and subscribe to our whitelist newsletter to receive updates regarding your potential spot in the whitelist and the Swing Fund launch. Due to the GDPR only the “Email Address” field is set as mandatory, but of course only applications that fill out all fields can be considered for joining the fund once launched.

By applying and subscribing you agree with our Privacy Policy. We keep your data private and use your data only to operate the newsletter, the whitelist & the fund. You may unsubscribe at any time. Unsubscribing has no impact on the review of your whitelist application, but of course you will then receive no further updates per newsletter.

◊  Once you applied for the whitelist and confirmed your newsletter subscription via the double opt-in, we will review your application, and inform all whitelist applicants at appropriate times about the current fund status via the whitelist newsletter.

◊  Importantly, we will inform you at the earliest possible date if your application was successful.

◊  Note: If you only fill out the mandatory field (“Email Address”) for your subscription, you will still receive updates regarding the whitelist & fund status, but won’t get offered a whitelist spot.

◊  More information regarding the whitelist can be found here. We’re looking forward to your application!

Further Questions?

If you have specific questions not answered here, feel free to ask your fund manager Dean!