Join the Whitelist

Here you will soon find a step-by-step guide how to join the DeanTrader Swing Fund. Until then you can apply for the whitelist (including a corresponding newsletter) to get updates and increase your chances to join the fund at inception day via a whitelist spot.

You can apply for the whitelist by providing the following basic information we need to gauge interest and assess if your application is appropriate for our fund:

  • Name and surname
  • Email address
  • Rough estimate on how much funds (in USD) you plan to pledge to the fund. Note that if the amount you finally try to pledge when the fund launches differs too much (decreases below 75 %) from the estimate given here, your whitelist spot might be forfeited.

Later on when things move towards the launch of the fund, a full KYC will be necessary (details follow) to comply with regulatory frameworks within the EU. Note that this means that we need your real name and surname already for the whitelist as non-matching names during the KYC process will lead to a failing of making use of your whitelist spot to become a fund member.

Benefits of a whitelist spot include the following:

  • Being able to join the fund at inception day (non-whitelist suitors might have to endure long waiting times of up to a year)
  • Withdrawal fees are reduced by half for lifetime (s. the Fund Brochure reg. the fee schedule).

Apply for your Whitelist Spot here:

Make sure to apply for the whitelist below by filling out the form completely.

Apply for the swing fund whitelist and subscribe to our whitelist newsletter to receive updates regarding your potential spot in the whitelist and the Swing Fund launch. Due to the GDPR only the “Email Address” field is set as mandatory, but of course only applications that fill out all fields can be considered for joining the fund once launched.

By applying and subscribing you agree with our Privacy Policy. We keep your data private and use your data only to operate the newsletter, the whitelist & the fund. You may unsubscribe at any time. Unsubscribing has no impact on the review of your whitelist application, but of course you will then receive no further updates per newsletter.

◊  Once you applied for the whitelist and confirmed your newsletter subscription via the double opt-in, we will review your application, and inform all whitelist applicants at appropriate times about the current fund status via the whitelist newsletter.

◊  Importantly, we will inform you at the earliest possible date if your application was successful.

◊  Note: If you only fill out the mandatory field (“Email Address”) for your subscription, you will still receive updates regarding the whitelist & fund status, but won’t get offered a whitelist spot.

◊  Apart from a successful KYC process, whitelist & fund spot priority will be ordered from highest to lowest funding amount pledged.

◊  The whitelist application process shall be closed at our discretion.

◊  We’re looking forward to your application! If you have further questions, feel free to ask Dean via our contact form or other channels.